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Receiving these following information from the Client via Web/ Email/ Facebook / Zalo:

- Data concerning the land area (area, location, land orientation or land plot diagram for A-Boom to learn about planning, specific construction density of each area and locality).

- Information on the project's requirements and functions.

Example: What functions does the building need, for what purpose, including how many rooms, what form of roof (tile/concrete/tole roof), garden layout, atrium,...

- What is the estimated cost for the project? 

- Estimated time for design/construction.

- Client's personal preference/style.

After receiving the above information, A-Boom advises:

- Needs, functions in accordance with the style and cost of implementation.

- Reasonable construction costs to ensure both aesthetics and technicality.

- Architectural space, building structure as well as suitable interior and exterior.

Thank you for your interest in the article.