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Architectural space ideas:

The house has access to nature as much as possible. This is the owner's desire to live and work here. To meet these requirements in a house with a width and length of 4.5m x 20m (townhouse) A-Boom Design has proposed the architectural plan that the garden must be spread evenly over the length of the house divided into three sections, the front of the house (front yard), the middle of the house (middle yard) and the end of the house (backyard). With this option, the three courtyards are the service highlights of the functional rooms.

The function of the house includes 1 large bedroom overlooking the middle and back garden, 1 large bathroom overlooking the back garden, backyard garden, in addition, the backyard also has the function of relaxing swimming pool. mini combination outdoor shower. Outside is an office (can be a dining room) adjacent to a large kitchen combining kitchen island and bar, a small living room overlooking the middle garden.

Investment ideas: rustic and cost-effective.

Note: with this type of space, it is still possible to raise one more floor and arrange two bedrooms with separate bathrooms and living rooms.

Here A-Boom Design introduces you to this house.

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Information about the project
Land area4,5m x 20mProject sizeGround houseArchitectural spaceClose and openLocationBien Hoa City - Dong Nai ProvienceStatus07/2020Design and construction unitA-Boom DesignInvestorIndividualCategoriesHouseShare