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Architectural space idea: Using two separate functional blocks, separated from the floor to create a high and airy space for the house, and the space between the house (skylight) to bring the most natural light inside. Inside, connecting those blocks by the diagonal staircase is the highlight of the house.

Here is the view of A-Boom Design:

To see the eyes of an architect is an "investment", but for homeowners, if they "save" and still use it, they will accept it according to their view.

“Invest” in the main space of the house because it is the core part.

"Saving" is reusing existing furniture, suitable or not according to the architect, but for homeowners they still want to reuse, in addition to the problem of saving, they want to keep it for the simple reason "it" family keepsake. Therefore, your architectural space must be strong enough to fill in the "unsuitable points" because of this saving.

A-Boom Design would like to introduce to you the house following the direction of "Investment and Saving".

Area: 3.6m x 13m (main building block) and front yard 3m.

Features of the house include:

Ground floor: living room, bedroom, bathroom, front yard, backyard.

1st floor: dining room and kitchen, bedroom with private bathroom.

2nd floor: front and back terraces combined with drying yard, laundry room.

Roof: concrete roof + glass roof for light.

Thank you for taking the time to post.

Information about the project
Land area3,6m x 13mProject size2 floors and terraceArchitectural spaceSplit floorLocationThu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh CityStatus11/2019Design and construction unitA-Boom DesignInvestorIndividualCategoriesHouseShare