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“Simple in Architecture”

In terms of form, it can be seen that minimalist architecture brings rigidity and monotony, even cold and unfriendly, but the essence of architecture belongs to space (the core part). So to feel this, in addition to looking out, it is necessary to have an open mind.

Architecture will be minimalist when you (the owner) understand your ego, and the architect transforms it in the language of architecture. And when you understand yourself, the new owner really owns and sticks with the house.

Here A-Boom Design introduces you to this house.

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Information about the project
Land area5m x 10mProject sizeGround floor + floors, tole roofArchitectural spaceOpen spaceLocationBien Hoa City - Dong Nai ProvienceStatus11/2021Design and construction unitA-Boom DesignInvestorIndividualCategoriesHouseStageDesignShare