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"Atriums and courtyards".
- The atrium of your house is an open space, it makes the connection between the members above and below in the house easier.
- The front yard and the back yard are both very important, if it is large enough we should look less green, if it is small, it will get some natural light and ventilation.
So when designing our house, we should consider the main living area just enough or a little more…the rest of the area should be for "atriums & courtyards".
The work is designed on the land area: 12 x 14.5m.

- 1/3 of the land is selling a basement just enough for car parking, storage and other extra rooms (saving a lot of money).
- Ground floor: 1 master bedroom and living rooms.
- 1st floor: 1 common room, 3 bedrooms all have their own wc.
- Roof: concrete.
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Here A-Boom Design introduces you to this house.

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Information about the project
Diện tích12m x 14,5mProject sizeGround floor + floor and concrete roofArchitectural spaceOpen spaceLocationHo Chi Minh CityStatus05/2022Design and construction unitA-Boom DesignInvestorIndividualCategoriesHouseStageDesignShare