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- Model: in order for us to see what is appropriate and inappropriate, timely editing on the model will reduce many risks in terms of cost, human effort, time, etc.
- Reality: we will be assured of the risks in the construction process (building a house).
- Architectural design: A-Boom Design.
The work was studied before construction on an area of ​​​​14m wide x 19m long, the house was designed to go back 7m, in order to limit noise, smoke, dust... and leave a 2m backyard for the combination. gardening and drying. The rest is the main building 14m wide x 10m long, including the following functions:
- Ground floor: garage, dining room and kitchen, small bathroom, laundry room. In addition, combined with the front yard system, the back yard and the center of the house both convection air and create a view of the garden for the rooms.
- 1st floor: 3 bedrooms with separate bathrooms and living rooms, all rooms have garden view.
Below, A-Boom would like to introduce you to this house.
Thank you for spending your time for the article.
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Information about the project
Land area14m x 19mProject sizeGround floor + mezzanine, floors and concrete roofArchitectural spaceOpen spaceLocationBien Hoa City - Dong Nai ProvienceStatus11/2021Design and construction unitA-Boom DesignInvestorIndividualCategoriesHouseStageDesignShare